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Conditions of Use

Order Picking Procedure

* You must create your account for access to e-commerce
* Once you have registered you will proceed to place your order
* You can check the items you want in the cart or cart
* You can give a delivery address and a fiscal address during the ordering
* You will receive an e-mail notifying your order with the data to make the corresponding payment
* For your convenience the payment can be made with deposit or bank transfer
* Once the payment has been made, call us or answer the e-mail received with a copy of the deposit slip or send it by fax to verify your payment and assign date of delivery.
* We will proceed to send your Product when the total amount is settled.
* For local orders, deliveries will be made from the next day by agreement
* For foreign orders will be sent the product from the 2nd Day and will be sent No. of Guide Estafeta
* Please confirm receipt of the equipment to finish the sale process.
* No refunds are accepted
* Payments with credit cards will be released after 5 business days or until payment is credited

Thank you very much for trusting us. Home Please review the sections regarding Guarantees and Returns.